Campus Harvest launched in 1990 and established evangelical outreach on over 250 campuses nationwide. We exist to train leaders to disciple students on campus through Worship, Bible studies, Small Group Gatherings and Outreach.

We have to do everything possible to stop the bankruptcy of America's future. The good news is that many campus ministries are doing something that’s making a positive impact. Specifically, for more than 30 years, Campus Harvest has been equipping churches, students and campus ministries to share the truth of the Gospel across America. Thousands of students have heard the Gospel and it has changed their lives. Through our team of Campus Ministers, we are just getting started. 

We believe God is calling us to rally this generation around the hope and invitation of Jesus. We believe that Jesus changes everything and that only good will come when people seek Him. So, we are simply inviting students to come and experience the freedom the Lord offers them.

We lead like Jesus taught....

  • He prayed with wisdom for those God brought to Him (Mark 3:13)
  • He taught a few and mobilized them for mission (Mark 3:14)
  • He trained them along the way (Luke 10: 1-20Luke 11:1-13)
  • He offered salvation as a free gift to everyone but required 100% commitment to be a part of His leadership team (Luke 14:15-35)
  • He had a strategy of disciple multiplication that is as relevant now as ever (Matthew 28:18-20)

Our innovative approach is to EMPOWER, EQUIP, UNITE students.

We EMPOWER through an encounter with Jesus in a way they may have never experienced….to know His love, His comfort and the freedom that comes through relationship with Him. We start this in small groups and gatherings on campus. We engage them first, help them open their hearts to learn about who Jesus is then to accept Him in a meaningful and honest way. We know that once they taste and see the goodness of God in a genuine and personal way, they will be forever changed.

We EQUIP them with the message of hope and peace that comes through a relationship with Jesus. The message is simple…Jesus will meet you where you are, right now and you will have freedom. We have a unique Trainer program and Student Workbook that walks students through the Gospels and helps them hear the voice of God as they read, study and talk with their trainer.

We UNITE them through alliances with campus-based ministries and local churches to become part of a community committed to helping them mature their walk with Christ. We strengthen these other organizations and churches by uniting them with new believers and followers of Jesus. We show them that being a college student who is a follower of Jesus does not rid them of opportunities to have a good time. Being in a Christian community has so many benefits and one is that they will get to have a blast with people who care about them and their spiritual well-being.

Please prayerfully consider a gift to help us reach this generation with the truth of Jesus. Click Campus Harvest for our secure giving platform. Campus Harvest is a 501c3 ministry and all gifts are fully tax deductible.