It Was Never About Justice
Written by Michael Morisi

It was Never About Justice is Michael Morisi’s memoir of how broken the criminal justice system is, and also about how to find Jesus in the deepest of pits. According to Morisi, anyone who seeks Christ will find Him. He is always there, ready to walk with those who seek him no matter how dark things look.

Michael Morisi was charged with crimes that did not happen and when he wanted to fight the charges, his Federal Public Defender told him: “Mike, you don’t understand. This case is not about truth, not about guilt or innocence and it was never about justice. You were targeted. And you either play the game, or this Prosecutor will make sure you go to prison for ten years for something you didn’t do. Just play the game and you’ll go home to your family…."

Sentenced to prison for a crime that never happened, Michael Morisi had a choice: be angry and let the injustice become his identity, or believe every word God said and seek His glory in one of the darkest places imaginable. Despite his eight months of prison—being locked up in a broken prison system, away from his young family—Morisi came out and said he wouldn’t trade a minute of it, because of all God did in and through him. Discover the truth of the Gospel and Morisi’s resilience in hardship in It was Never About Justice.

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