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We Love God. We Love People. Together we can change the world

It is clear that our country is in need of a revival. We believe God is inviting a new realm of pioneer and forerunner to lead the body of Christ in revival. Where the kingdom of Heaven imhabits the earth for a long term harvest with the full abundance of God.

At Risen Life, we have a desire to see people transformed and salvations on the streets of our communities.  We are called to recapture the hearts of our youth on campuses, rekindle a fire in the hearts of our communities, and create a place of true discipleship that equips leaders to stand strong in a time of social and spiritual drift.

We create a space for those who love Jesus to come and encounter Him as well as those who may not know Him to come be introduced to Him. We are a house of worship and prayer where the presence of God dwells. You are always welcome here.

Bottom line....we have one desire...Him. Our heart is to minister to the heart of Jesus and His people. He will always come because He is always welcome. We are a community that meets people where they are and ministers to their hearts in a special way. We will always seek His presence first, worship Him and watch His glory be revealed.

Romans 1:15-16 I am not afraid of the Gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. 

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We believe serving is both a privilege and an act of worship. Through volunteering, we grow closer together as a community and become more like Jesus as we use our God-given gifts to bless others.

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