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God has His eye on a special date this August when 20 million students will have their first day of college. Within the first 48 hours, they will face decisions that will impact their choices of friends, beliefs and eventually their influence on the future of our nation. 

Reserach tells us a majority of christian students will leave their faith in their first year of college because secular humanism and anti-christian rhetoric and instruction is rampant. We are committed to doing everything we can to stop the bankrupting of America's future by equipping churches and student leaders to make a positive impact on campus by sharing the truth about who Jesus is. 

Since 1990, through our teams of campus leaders, thousands of students have heard the Gospel and it has changed their lives...and we are just getting started. 

Join us in August in Chesapeake/Suffolk area and let's help get you on our proven leadership path to making a difference for Jesus. Let's make Jesus famous on your campus!

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